Read my novella and win a $25 iTunes gift card!

Hi all,

I’ve uploaded Driving Force, my entire young adult novella. If you read it and post some feedback it will enter you into a raffle (I’ll use a random number generator to pick the winner) for a $25 iTunes gift card. I had this snazzy widget all lined up to handle this but then I found out you couldn’t use it on WordPress. Bummer!

Anyway, the novella is about 50 pages printed, but it is fairly large font……just to let you know how long it is.

Here’s what it’s about:

16 year old Jeremy Anton just wants to drive……but that’s illegal in California until age 20. He tries to change this and inadvertently touches off an international storm that threatens to destroy his small town.

How to enter: Read the novella and post feedback after any of the chapters. Let me know what you think. Did you like it? Did you not like it? Why? Did you want to see more of any characters? What was your favorite scene or character? Or least favorite? Did anything confuse you or leave you wondering? Thank you for reading!!

(The novella is posted chapter by chapter under the above heading “Driving Force.”)

P.S. Raffle winner will be chosen and posted on 1/1/13. Completing the poll below won’t enter you in the raffle since it doesn’t identify who you are. But complete it anyway if you can!


2 responses to “Read my novella and win a $25 iTunes gift card!

  1. Elaine: you should be very proud of this accomplishment — even a “novella” takes more talent that the vast majority of people have. I agree with Jana’s comments that you write dialogue very well. I think one of the elements of a non-fiction book versus a screen play is that the former requires more descriptors and you have plenty of those. It seemed sometimes that the descriptors were too much, though I like elements like the “chipped washing machine”; very evocative. It seemed Jeremy spent a lot of time “dismounting from his bike” and that it might have flowed better to have him “jump off his bike” rather than “dismount” which I doesn’t feel very young adult-y. I’m afraid I’m not a very good judge of what fits within the Young Adult genre because I haven’t read a YA book in AGES (Are you there God? It’s me Margaret). Did Madeleine give you feedback? I think you have real talent and I will be happy to delve into your OA (older adult) novella… : )

    • Thank you so much Lori! It’s interesting to see the different takes that people have on this. Especially description – some want more, some less.I look forward to your thoughts when you finish the book. Thanks again for reading!

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