The winner is: Lance Armstrong’s legal team

The real winners in this Lance Armstrong situation are Lance’s lawyers. I can only imagine how much money they made suing people, and now they’ll have to defend him from the lawsuits of people wanting their money back, etc. Do they feel shitty today? I hope so.

I have to agree with most viewers who felt that Lance was self-serving and insincere in his interview. He is sorry only that he got caught. And he wants to somehow take the high road, admit his wrongdoings without fingering anyone else. It didn’t work like that for anyone else, so why should it work like that for him? Everyone else got called in to testify and had to answer questions about who provided the drugs, etc. He wants to just say “I doped” without being a rat. That’s part of coming clean. That’s part of why others got a 6 month suspension and he got a lifetime ban, or “death penalty” as he called it. Maybe he’s right that his sentence is unfair, in that regard. IF he cooperates completely with the investigating agencies, I would support them reducing his ban.

Others who doped didn’t seek to destroy everyone around them, like Lance did. If you crossed him, you were ostracized, vilified, and sued. He was relentless and vicious. It’s like being a witness to an organized crime hit: your life would never be the same. All people did was tell the truth, often under oath and under subpoena, and he considered them enemies . Some of them got actual DEATH threats. Lance Armstrong had such power and influence in the cycling world (not to mention deep pockets for pursuing lawsuits) that he severely curtailed, if not full-out destroyed, many people’s abilities to work in their chosen fields. Frankie Andreu. Emma O’Reilly. Greg LeMond. Mike Anderson, his former mechanic, who moved to New Zealand when Austin became inhospitable.

Lance lost a lot of money when his sponsors pulled out, but he still has a LOT of money. He should calculate how much income he cost these “enemies” and pay it to them. Set up college funds for their kids, which they would have been better able to do on their own. Pay it to them with a statement that he wronged them and that they are NOT liars (or prostitutes, or crazy  -whatever slur he spread). Obviously that’s not the smart legal strategy, to admit wrongdoing and slander. But these people deserve to have their reputations cleared, and deserve compensation for his decimating their earning potential.


One response to “The winner is: Lance Armstrong’s legal team

  1. I was going to reply last night but got too involved watching the Honey Bo Bo Halloween show – but I am on it today! Everything you say is absolutely correct as far as the facts and that Lance knowingly did this and we don’t know if he would be on Oprah had he not be caught. The worst and most humiliating thing (if it were me) is that the lawyers are the winners.

    That being said, I know of only 3 people, of whom I am one, who feel badly for Lance. A friend said, “I hope to God that I never have to make any kind of apology like this to my wife, son or the world, but I am glad he took the step.” Any one of us is capable of great evil and especially those who are famous and surrounded by the highest levels of testosterone as that found in professional sports. Then you throw in adding testosterone by needle or pill and the bad things you are capable of increase and increase. He yielded to temptation time and again and I identify with that. Would I do anything along these lines? Probably not, because I won’t go near fame and I don’t carry that much testosterone. But I am capable of, and have done things, that I thankfully only had to confess my remorse to God. My conscience wasn’t born overnight and Lance is just developing his (we hope). Great men and women fall for any number of reasons. We will see how he gets up.

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