Nazis on the Moon?

Yes, the Nazis set up a secret base the dark side of the moon in 1945, where they developed new technology for conquering the world when the return to earth in 2018. This according to Iron Sky, a comedy/sci-fi movie available on Netflix. I don’t think Dain knew what it was about when he clicked on it; he just knew he hadn’t seen it before. The US sent an astronaut (African-American) to the moon and he was captured by the Nazis and brought back to earth to help them locate more cool “phone computers” to use in their mission. The Nazi moon base is all grey and grim, with everybody speaking German and stiff-arm saluting all over the place. A young German maiden who looks like 19 year old Farrah Fawcett is taken with the dark-skinned astronaut, so she smuggles herself aboard the ship going back to earth.

 Did I mention the Nazis turned the Black man into an Aryan? And he ends up raving on the streets of NYC about moon Nazis? Oh, and the U.S. President is a woman, who wears red and is made up to look like Sarah Palin.  Her right hand woman (not sure she if she is VP or what) looks just like Catherine Zeta-Jones, and divides her time between romancing Klaus, the future fuhrer whom she finds manly and sexy, and attacking the invading Nazi ships from the space station George W. Bush.

 I won’t reveal the ending, in case any of you have this in your queue. I will say, it’s hard to keep a Nazi girl on the dark side of the moon once she’s seen Times Square 🙂


One response to “Nazis on the Moon?

  1. Thanks for the heads up. I suspect your review is more entertaining than the movie!

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