Open Letter to the New Pope: Enough with “Bachelor” Priests

Now seems like a good time for the Catholic Church to make some changes, what with Benedict retiring. Might I suggest they join the 21st century and allow priests to get married again? Yes, again. Celibacy wasn’t a requirement for priests until the 12th century. The church instituted the requirement in order to that property remained within the Church and was not inherited by a priest’s children. (Sons, presumably.) Today the church claims the reason for celibacy is so that the priest is devoted only to God. I think we can all agree that’s not working.

 Most religions allow, in fact encourage their clergy to marry, and have children. Go forth and multiply, and all that.  They don’t seem to have as MANY pedophiles in their ranks as the Catholic Church does. If priests can marry, those who are drawn to the calling for spiritual reasons can still become priests, and they can enjoy a regular home life. Those who are drawn to the priesthood because society will not expect them to have mature adult relationships, but instead gives them unfettered access to lots of children…..well, they can stay home and watch game shows instead. Time for the Catholic Church to stop enabling them.

 Plus, isn’t there a worldwide shortage of men joining the priesthood? Wouldn’t this ameliorate that trend?

 Feel free to forward this to the Vatican.


One response to “Open Letter to the New Pope: Enough with “Bachelor” Priests

  1. At the very beginning man was told to multiply. In the Garden and as soon as Noah got off the ark, God told him them to go out and get it done. He tells Abraham, Isaac and Jacob that he expects their family line alone to equal the stars and the number of grains of sand. The subject of multiplication of the species is in the Bible for a reason, not simply as a “commandment” that we all have a bunch of kids without using birth control pills. Having children and heirs calms and gives men focus on their love and duty to their children. Having a woman in a man’s life gives a balance that being around men all the time does not.

    But then you have Jesus and Paul; both were bachelors. With an emphasis that we all be like Jesus Christ, the Church decided that Jesus being a bachelor was part and parcel of that. Jesus had his mission and it is my opinion that if he were married it would have complicated the story and purpose of his coming to earth. Paul was a passionate man who worked incessantly and being single afforded him the most freedom: First to obsess on killing Christians and after his conversion on traveling freely, going to prison and writing. So….speaking as a Catholic, I think the priest and nuns being single is a misinterpretation of Jesus being single and what Paul said about the benefits of being single. Not having sex, even if you don’t have children, is unnatural for nearly all of us. There are some who have very low sex drives but they are a very small percentage (if they exist at all really). Living with a bunch of guys who agreed not to have sex and families when they were young (i.e., way too much testosterone without an outlet) seems like a breeding ground for what we have seen happen. But, I don’t have much hope that Rome will see it this way. It is a shame as there are so many good priests and nuns and there could be more if this life force, given to us by God, could be more naturally and honestly expressed.

    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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