I Heart Lena Dunham

Yes, I realize I’m a couple of years behind the Girls bandwagon. I’m making up for that now with a new cable provider and 3 free months of HBO and Showtime.

So here’s what I knew about Girls…….sort of a millenial’s version of Sex and the City. I knew Lena Dunham created it and stars in it. Like Curb Your Enthusiasm, it’s somewhat of an acquired taste.

I never felt like I could relate to the characters on Sex and the City, with their ridiculous lifestyles. I don’t walk 8 miles a day in 6 inch heels, or spend a month’s rent on a dress. (Trivia question – when is the last time I wore a dress?) But at least they had jobs, and went after some decent men. John Corbett. Need I say more?

Hanna Horvath, the main Girls character played by Lena Dunham, is a self-absorbed aspiring writer who has been living off her parents in the two years since college until they cut her off. Her boyfriend (Adam) also has no job, but he lives off $800/month from his grandmother. He’s some kind of metal artist and is into degrading sex play. He’s no Big.

The sidekicks are Shoshanna, a complete dipshit played by Zosia Mamet, whose acting contract apparently specifies she take a hit of helium before every performance, so she sounds as much like Minnie Mouse as possible. Jessa is the utterly pretentious, world traveler with a British accent who fancies herself a free spirit. Marnie is the beautiful girl with a great boyfriend she takes for granted. She’s pretty boring.

And yet…..Lena Dunham will grow on you. There’s at least one gem in every episode which kept me hooked. At one point she gets a job for a brief while, then has a falling out with her boss (he’s a groper) and threatens to rally the other women in the office to sue him. He laughs at that and points out she doesn’t even have the wherewithal to get to work at 10 a.m. Plus there’s no “Sue” app on her phone.

In one episode she has a falling out with her roommate, a former boyfriend who has since come out of the closet. “I knew I made a mistake trying to repurpose you” into a friend. In another episode she references the Marriage Industrial Complex, which is a phrase she stole from me.

You may know she takes her clothes off every chance she gets. She does not have a Hollywood body and shows it all the time anyway. I say good for her. It’s nice to see thighs I recognize up there on screen. 🙂

I finally decide I could relate to Hanna when she revealed she would do something she ordinarily wouldn’t just because it would make a good story. In her case, she was going to have sex with her boss. That’s not for me…I would maybe go ice fishing and then write about it, but same concept. She wants everything to be about her – who doesn’t? I once had a boyfriend accuse me of being thoughtless and selfish, come to think of it. And of course the pale white cellulite on display just cinches the deal. Lena’s my new muse.

PS – Check out Tiny Furniture, the 2010 Lena wrote and directed. It’s clearly a precursor to Girls, complete with the main character walking around without pants, quitting a job after a few days, and having sex in a pipe in an abandoned Brooklyn courtyard. At least in Sex and the City they had beds.


One response to “I Heart Lena Dunham

  1. Entertaining read! It makes me want to watch it more often. I applaud Lena for the risks she takes in her writing and acting.

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