Mystery Thrift Off

I’m participating in an online challenge. A blogger I follow, Lindsay from Better After, is hosting a contest called the Mystery Thrift-Off. She bought a dozen random items from her local Goodwill – the more random the better. Then she mailed them to the participants (she chose 12 people out of 250 applicants) and they had a few weeks to remake them into something else.

She’ll do the reveal on June 8th, I think……and I think there’s voting and prizes. Or a prize.

The first picture is my item as I received it. The second picture is my first thought of what to do with it. I was going to turn it into a floral centerpiece , with a green base and pink flowers. I abandoned that idea. Stay tuned – after Lindsay posts it on her blog, I’ll do a full post on it!

Here's my item in its original form!

Here’s my item in its original form!



2 responses to “Mystery Thrift Off

  1. This was a great idea, it one was of my top choices for a win. This was a fun contest. 🙂

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