Chapter 18

A helicopter hovered near the woods north of Placerville High School. Two black-clad med are lowered down via ropes to the nearby trees. They silently but quickly across the lawn of the school, keeping low to the ground. They wear night vision goggles and keep their faces averted from any security cameras or lights. Reaching a side entrance, one stands guard with a pistol while the other inserts some thin metal rods into the lock until it clicks. They let themselves into the building and methodically begin opening each classroom door and scanning the contents.


“Not in here.”

“Not this room.”

“Nothing here but the smell of sweat.”

In the fifth classroom they entered, they spot the pile of petitions on the teacher’s desk. “This looks like it. Let’s go.” One of the men rapidly gathers up all the paper he could find and stuffs it into a black nylon bag slung messenger style across his body. He looks over at his compatriot and hisses “What are you doing?”

“Just browsing,” said the other man as he breaks the lock on the teacher’s desk and yanks open the drawers. “Hey, look, the answer key for the chemistry test! This will be worth some good money on the internet.”

“You’re unbelievable. We’re public servants.”

“You’re right. I’ll ransom it back to the teacher,” replied the other man. “Don’t give me that look. I’ll spend the money here in California, thus benefiting the state’s economy. Everybody wins, just like the lottery.” The two burst into laughter as they sprint out of the building and across the lawn into the darkness.




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