Chapter 2

Jeremy braked to a stop outside Trish’s house, dismounted and leaned his bicycle against the side of the house. At the end of the long driveway, people were seated in folding chairs and on the cement, manipulating crepe paper into roses to cover the props on the Homecoming float. Steve and Vince were lowering a wooden deck onto the bottom of the trailer platform; once done, they both jumped up on the deck and stomped down a couple of times in each corner, to insured that it was pushed down as far as it could go. Brad came out with some wooden strips and a power screwdriver and affixed corners onto the bottom of the deck, to keep it from sliding off the platform.

“Ive got some plans for the float,” announced Jeremy, pulling some paper out of his coat pocket. “I downloaded them from some Rose Bowl Parade website. We can use that old motorcycle motor to power the parts that go up and down.”

“I still say we should go with Ferris Bueller’s Day Off as our theme, and use your car,” Vince said to Jeremy as he took the plans and looked them over, “instead of this lame vampire deal we have going.”

(This year’s homecoming theme was “Back to the Future” and another class immediately announced their plans to feature Marty McFly and the DeLorean on their float. The people at the first float meeting voted which “classic” movie to feature, and Twilight won out. Therefore, the latecomers to the float found themselves painting cardboard boxes and stapling them together to mimic the boxy shape of Edward Cullen’s Volvo. The girls were debating which guy should wear pale face makeup to play Edward, and which should take his shirt off and have abs painted on to play Jacob. Of course, they all fancied themselves playing Bella on the float.)

“Yeah, your car would be sweet, Jeremy,” said Brad “No way you can get the use of it? I mean, it’s no Ferrari, but hell, it’s a red convertible.”

“Not gonna happen,” Jeremy said sadly. “That car is off limits until the day I get my driver’s license.”

“Another four years of hoofing it,” agreed Steve disgustedly. “I hate California. And don’t even get me started on this stupid Twilight crap. How is that a classic movie? I can’t even believe I’m here helping to do this.

“A real classic movie would be Transformers,” offered Brad. “Or if you want a real old movie, what about Die Hard? I could rappel down the side of the building with my feet bleeding!”

“I think for classic movies, I’d go with Iron Man. We could be making suits out of metal,” said Vince. “But, this is where the girls are, so……..” He grabbed a Pepsi and wandered over to start making crepe paper flowers.

Trish waved at Jeremy and came over to say hello. “Hi, Jeremy, welcome to the Float Committee.”

“Hey, Trish, You working on flowers and design?”  asked Jeremy.

“Actually, I’d rather help you with the motor part of the float,” said Trish.  “I’m looking to diversify my college resume. A girl helping with the mechanical design of a float is more….unconventional than anything else I can come up with. Plus, how feeble is this whole theme anyway? I can’t get excited about some sparkly vampire book I read when I was 13.”

“I know, right?” responded Jeremy. “If we were doing the Matrix, we could wear all black and toss red and blue tic tacs to the crowd. That would be awesome.” He stopped and thought about it. “Do you think more people would take the ignorance is bliss pill, or the fight against the machine pill?”

Trish shrugged “Depends on the day, I guess. Whatever.  Hey, I was thinking, the mini-golf place has the same kind of mechanized bouncing car that we’re putting on the float. You think we should check it out?”

“Yeah, good idea,” said Jeremy. “How about Saturday night? 7 pm?”

“Sounds good. See you there.”


2 responses to “Chapter 2

  1. I like this chapter. You might add a couple of sentences about where Jeremy managed to pick up a red convertible, and how much he has been longing to drive it.

  2. Oops, I forgot you discussed the red convertible in the next chapter.

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