Chapter 20

At 9:30 a.m., Vinet and Borgarine walk down the hallway to their classroom. Borgarine does a double-take at the empty desk and pops back into the hallway for a minute to confirm they were at the correct room.

“What happened to this room?” said Vinet, surveying the drawers pulled out of the desk and contents on the floor.

“They need a French maid at this school,” said Borgarine as he stepped over the debris. “Perhaps the Lady Principal would be happy to wear the outfit?” He laughed half-heartedly. “Seriously, where are the petitions?”

Vinet looked through the papers on the floor and in the drawers. “They’re not here. Didn’t you leave them on this table?”


“Merde! They have been stolen,” concluded Vinet. “We are supposed to be outside to announce our findings at 10 a.m. What should we do? Call headquarters for help?”

Borgarine consulted his watch. “It is after work hours there. Perhaps if we had come in at 8 a.m……..but who starts work that early?”

“American savages, that’s who,” said Vinet disgustedly. “We will be fired if we reveal that we left the documents unguarded. We have only one option.”


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