Chapter 5

In Steve’s bedroom, Jeremy and Steve pushed Steve’s twin bed against the far wall to give them more floor space. The décor was Dodger blue, with posters of ballparks and supermodels on the walls. Steve turned on the television and the Wii, and assumed a batting stance.

Jeremy flopped down on the bed and sighed. “Life as I know it is over. Why did I even ask her? I’ll be too embarrassed to face her at school.”

Crack! The simulated sound of a wooden bat hitting a baseball repeatedly filled the room as Steve hit balls. “Dude, we’ve all been rejected. It’s part of being a man,” he offered.

Jeremy stared at the ceiling. “I’m not a man, according to Candace. She as much as said I’m a kindergartener who has to take naps and have cookies at 3 pm. I’m not qualified to use sharp scissors,” he said in disgust.

Steve paused the game to stretch his fingers and glanced at Jeremy. “So, what, you’re going to finish out the year at home?”

“What  other choice do I have?” asked Jeremy as he got off the bed and reached for the remote.

“You could transfer to another school and get beaten up by new people,” said Steve as he handed Jeremy the control.

Jeremy fouled a couple of balls. “It’s this stupid driving law that has ruined my adolescence. Everything would be fine except for that.”

Steve rolled his eyes. “Sure, you’d be a regular Prince Charming if not for that. Why don’t you get the law changed?”

“No problem. I’ll just do that.”

“Seriously, can’t  you file a lawsuit or something?” said Steve. “Become an emaciated minor? Go to Canada as a refugee?”

“It’s emancipated minor, genius. I can’t move to Canada and leave my Mom,” said Jeremy. “This world will just not let me be an adult.” He turned at a knock on the door.

Steve’s mom Betty opened the door with a smile. “Hi, boys. I thought you might like a snack.”  She carried a wooden tray with a plate of fresh chocolate chip cookies and two glasses of milk. Steve and Jeremy rushed over to her and relieved her of the tray.

Steve gave his mom a quick peck on the cheek and said “Thanks, Mom,” through a mouth of cookies.

Jeremy gulped down a mouthful of milk. “Yeah, thanks, Aunt Betty. Mom says hi, by the way.


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