Christmas 2007

Merry Christmas 2007!!


I didn’t feel I had anything interesting to say this year – certainly not enough to match last year’s excursion to Peru – but when my letter-shy mother actually sent out a letter, I felt I had to step up and compete. So if you got her letter, you already got the exciting news about my job (same job, same industry) and my pool fence. Thus I’ll try to venture into some new topics.


This year’s vacations consisted of a trip to Las Vegas and one to Michigan. I hadn’t been through Vegas in 15 years so it was neat to see all the new casinos. I visited the fake Paris (good chocolate croissants and I didn’t even have to speak French), the fake Venice (where I ate Mexican food overlooking the canal and text-messaged my sister, who was scandalized that I was drinking before noon), the fake New York (Rudy Giuliani really did clean up those streets), and the fake Egypt at the Luxor (at least this pyramid had air-conditioning).


Later in the year I visited Michigan with my family. Hey, it turns out it’s fun to travel with your family when you have your own space! We rented two cars (PT Loser) and stayed with Curly (my Mom’s brother) & Judy, who have an entire finished basement that’s so well insulated so you don’t ever hear anything from one level of the house to another. The trip did unearth some family discord about the origin of Curly’s nickname. Mind you, he’s had a buzz cut for the last 30 years at least. The undisputed part of the story is that Grandma Messing put some perm curlers in some of his hair when he was a kid, and the other kids at school teased him about it. To hear Curly tell it, he was a wee lad of about 5, it happened once, and he just had a few curls up there forced on him by his Mom. According to the older sisters, he was in high school, he solicited a full perm multiple times, and (this is my addition) had Sideshow Bob hair. Who knows the actual truth?


We got a chance to see my 94 year old grandmother, Mrs. Mary Wagg – at first I thought she had lost some of her faculties, but once she realized who I was, she immediately wanted to know if I’d found a man yet. Sharp as ever!


I’ll sign off for now – wishing you a safe and happy holiday season and a great 08!!




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